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Total Privacy &


Open FREE ACCOUNT today!

What we offer

We offer you the opportunity to make money on global stock exchanges and currency markets. We don’t ask any unnecessary questions and guarantee 100% confidentiality and anonymity!

Forex trading with LOW SPREAD

Ultra low latency liquidity network with lowest spread possible. Greatest range of currency instruments.

Account type Spread Minimum
Mini 1.6 $100
Expert 1.4 $200
Profi 1.2 $500

Total Privacy & Confidentiality

We guarantee total protection of your privacy and confidentiality and are using all safeguards to achieve exactly that!

We don’t share your personal details or your trading successes with anyone.

We are not interested in looking at pictures of your passport or phone bills.

When you open an account, we ask for a minimum details and a valid email address (so we can send you your login information).

When you are withdrawing your winnings, we send them to a bank account number you tell us to send them to.

We trust you are a grown-up adult, who wouldn’t do anything your country of residence doesn’t legally allow you to do.

It’s as simple as that.


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What will happen next?

After you register, you can create free DEMO and trading accounts, download the trading apps for your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, add money to your LIVE accounts or withdraw your winnings!

Who we are

We are a private company, offering you the opportunity to trade online on global stock exchanges and currency markets.

FX Storex is a subsidiary of the STOREX GROUP SA, a financial and investment company registered under the registration number 115503 in:

Trident Chambers 1388
Mahe, Victoria

STOREX GROUP SA is authorized to operate on global investment capital market without any restrictions.

Contact us

Let us know how we can help! We will reply to each and every enquiry. Guaranteed.


Alternatively, you can also:

Email us:
[email protected]

Write to us (Monaco office):
42 Boulevard d´Italie
98000 Monte Carlo

Or call us:
+377 640 616 914